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Midsummer Rosa

Half time, and nope, I’m not talking about the football world cup. It’s midsummer night,  from now on the days will get shorter again. Unfortunately, todays weather is cold and rainy. So let’s think about better days and hot summer feelings. Meet our new model Rosa, who is taking a walk in her wine red boots. But with more than 30 degrees her boots she has to remove her sweat soaked boots and change into sandals.

This set contains 135 pictures of Rosa showing us her boots, socks, bare feet and sandals.
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Mia & the frog prince

While taking a walk Mia discovers a frog. She gives him a kiss, wondering if he might transform into a handsome and rich prince, who invites her for a romantic dinner. Unfortunately nothing happens, so now it’s Mias turn to invite him for dinner. Read More

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