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Fairy Tale Feet & Socks

Imagine you could be a character of your favourite fairy tale, who would you like to be? Probably Thumbelina would be a good choice. Today Miez is going to take a walk around the fountain of fairy tales, a nice fountain in the park with a lot of sculptures of fairy tales. She slips out of her high heels and you get an exclusive close up view of her socks and see dangling bare feet coming right down for you.

This set contains 85 pictures of Miez with high heels, socks and bare feet.

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Giantess Soles Coming Down POV
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Nicole and the crocodile

Winter is coming and the days are getting shorter and shorter. At this time of the year our girls beautiful feet are resting in cozy boots. So what else is there to do than to think of summer and enjoy a steaming cup of mulled wine at the christmas market?

Well, the only things steaming we can see today are Nicoles ped socks, when she removes her overheated shoes. Then she meets a little crocodile which is honored to get very close to her hot sweaty feet.

This set contains 60 pictures of Nicole with shoes, ped socks, bare feet and crushing a toy crocodile barefoot.
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